Field Mobilizer- Livelihood

Position Description

Field Mobilizers will be based in community and will work with a certain number (up to 20) of producers group in respective areas. With support from Market Coordinator, Field Mobilizer will work with producer groups to build their capacity on five skills, support producers group to record their business to contribute the objective of increasing their incomes by assisting producers to meet buyer’s requirements and gain access to more lucrative and sustainable markets. Key duties includes; Facilitating SWOR analysis of producer group, Building capacity of producers on five skills, Support producer group on business records, Organize/facilitate producer group meeting, Produce monthly progress report of respective producers group. S/he will be also accountable to guide and mobilize savings group facilitator to ensure effective implementation and documentation of savings group interventions of the project. S/he will Support & engage on community consultation, MVC identification for RC selection. S/he will Support RC Monitoring (90 Days Presence Verification and Semi-Annual Well-being monitoring)

The incumbent strives in empowering community groups, households and institutions to address and manage the issues to sustain. The local resources are managed well to effectively run the project interventions for a longer run.

This position requires to be innovative and problem-solving skills to adapt to changes and multiple priorities. Along with this, the incumbent requires to integrate with other sectors and cross cutting themes to yield broader impact more effectively and efficiently. 

Reports to: Field officer

Major responsibilities

  • Support filed officer to form/reform producer groups in target area
  • Engage & support to identify UPG HHs through rigorous targeting process.
  • Conduct SWOR assessment of the producers groups
  • Support (providing local information as required) field officer to conduct Participatory Value Chain Analysis with Producers
  • Support producer groups to organize and facilitate producers group meeting
  • Provide relevant information to field officer on local context on regular basis to feed into producer database compilation
  • Meet producers groups regularly and keep the journal for each producer group
  • Ensures producer/producer groups have kept up to date record of their business
  • Collect information to produce monthly report on producer group progress
  • Mobilize Savings Group Officer/facilitators and track their progress on Savings Group interventions in respective areas
  • Compile savings group information to feed into savings groups database
  • Support RC Monitoring (90 Days Presence Verification and Semi-Annual Well-being monitoring)
  • Support & engage on community consultation, MVC identification for RC selection
  • Support in identifying Children Led Most Significant change Story
  • Support on RC’ Child Well Being Case Management after monitoring and follow up


  • Knowledge on empowerment approaches
  • Basic Knowledge on agricultural market and market system and business development
  • Basic Knowledge on local value chain development process,
  • Basic understanding on situation Analysis of Local Producers and Market Opportunities
  • Basic knowledge on financial service provider’s cooperatives, MFIs, saving groups
  • Skills on mentoring and onsite support

Capacity building

  • Skills on planning and capacity building of producers groups
  • Using tools developed for capacity building
  • Skills on project staffs mentoring and onsite support
  • Group Management, Saving and Lending, Marketing, Production and NRM, Innovation
  • Knowledge on Market Development (LVCD), Alternative livelihood (TVET, SYIB, BF)), Financial Inclusion (S4T, Coops)
  • Good Facilitation skills
  • Good Communication skills

Relationship Management

Networking and Liaise with Local Government, Business

Project Management:

  • Implementation skills on planned activities
  • Good reporting skills
  • Good understanding on financial management system like supporting documents for voucher, advance settlement process etc.
  • Good communication skills to deal with project team and stakeholders
  • Mobilizing Savings group officer


  • Experience collating information from the community
  • Knowledge to understand assessment process and findings and
  • Skills to do FGDs and Interview as a part of assessment/evaluation

Child and adult safe guarding and sponsorship business

  • Manage all the working environment in the office and working areas are child and adult sensitive
  • Guide the team and organization in managing protection related matters appropriately
  • Support the organization in complying with all child  and adult safe guarding policies, requirements and audits
  • Manage all the sponsorship businesses as per the protocols and guidance provided by WVIN
  • Registered children participation are well reflected in the provided reporting platforms
  • Ensure operationalization of World Vision’s Child Sponsorship standards, Development Project Standards and sponsorship integration in all phases of programming


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