JD for M&E Officer (BHAKARI)

Job Description

Name                                     : …………………………………………………………………

Designation                           : M& E Officer

Accountability                      : Program Coordinator

Location                                 : WAC Nepal Office

Program Name                     :BHAKARI

Duty Station                          : Office Base with frequent travel to project area

Responsibilities: The M & E Officer will work to support all terms and conditions mentioned in partnership agreement for program Building Hope Along the Karnali River Basin (Bhakari) Program” implementation  between WAC-Nepal  and Mercy Corps Nepal in Achham district on behalf of our organization. The M& E Officer will work directly under the Program Coordinator to enter paper records into Bhakari’s monitoring database.  The M&E Officer will travel to Bhakari Municipalitie/RM s in the district; gather hard copy data from social mobilizers, participating community groups, enter the data into the database in English; and store hard copies per Bhakari’s filing protocols.  The M& E Officer will also assist with data quality checks confirming the accuracy of data records.

  1.  Responsibilities

A. Key responsibilities

  • Coordinate all aspects of project monitoring and reporting ensuring data is of high quality and produced on time.
  • Responsible for providing support in compiling overall monthly and quarterly database, along with participant’s registration data entered into Bhakari database.
  • Gather hard copy monitoring data from Community Mobilizers, technical staffs, and local groups such as farmers groups, saving groups and other.
  • Attend training and orient field staffs on Enketo webforms, Bhakari hard copy forms, and other relevant topics.
  • Ensure staffs are fully trained on M&E and the project’s reporting requirements before they are placed in the field.
  • Store hard copy of data per Bhakari’s filing requirements.
  • Ensure all required forms and formats for data collection are in place in the organization at all times.
  • Assist with data quality checks to confirm the accuracy of entered data and support during data quality assessment visit by M&E team
  • Conduct monitoring visits on a regular basis and report findings to the project team.
  • Participate in district level review meetings to incorporate M&E related agenda and communicate to Bhakari Regional M&E team regarding the discussions/issues/challenges/gaps identified on monitoring and evaluation.
  • Collect case studies across the project for evidence gathering.
  • Provide technical assistance on monitoring and data collection to field team.
  • Participate in the development of detailed project implementation plans, targets, and roll out strategy as part of the project team.
  • Be part on the process of developing monitoring and evaluation tools, working within the M&E department and across program, supporting their revision, development and testing.
  • Conduct any other additional M&E related tasks as required in the district.

B. Additional Assignment and Responsibilities:

  • Timely execution of the activities assigned for the Bhakari program
  • Proper entry of detailed information into the Bhakari database.
  • Ensure all communications and visibility requirements of the project/donor are adhered to.
  • To perform assigned responsibilities and program activities in close supervision of Thematic Officers, Program Coordinator and Executive Director.
  • Assist in other WAC’s programs, if required.
  • WAC Nepal property, equipment, or time should only be used for authorized purposes. Misuse may result in disciplinary action.


  • Provide report to Thematic Officers, Program Coordinator and Program Manager.
  • Provide written monthly progress reports to Program Coordinator.

2. Inspection and surrounding bounds of duties:

  • WAC Nepal will provide best means, materials and pleasant environment to support the accomplishment of your job entity.
  • The attainment achieved by this post will be supervised by the authorized person of implementing partner WAC Nepal.

3. Performance Indicator:

  • Timely execution of the activities assigned for the BHAKARI program
  • Proper entry of detailed information into the BHAKARI database.

4. Academic Qualification Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree in social science or development studies in the field relevant to M&E At least 2 years of experience working with I/NGO in the field of monitoring, evaluation and accountability sector.
  • Previous experience with M&E approaches.
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to read English and Nepali, and enter data in English
  • Attention to detail—the applicant will have to enter hundreds of records accurately.  Each day, a sample of records will be checked to make sure that the data is being entered accurately.

5. Period of Performance and Budget

  • The M& E Officer will work over the years.
  • The M&E Officer will be paid a salary and remuneration package as per rules of the organization.

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