JD for Sub-engineer Irrigation Technician (BHAKARI)

Job Description

Name                                     : …………………………………………………………………

Designation                           : Sub-engineer Irrigation Technician

Accountability                      : Program Coordinator

Location                                 : WAC Nepal Office

Program Name                     :Bhakari

Duty Station                          : Office Base with frequent travel to project area

The Sub-engineer Irrigation Technician will work as part of a technical support unit for WAC Bhakari program and is responsible to conduct and carried out outputs of irrigation program activities with all terms and conditions mentioned in partnership agreement for program “Building Hope Along Karnali River Basin(Bhakari)” Program implementation by WAC Achham. Sub-engineer Irrigation Technician will work under the Project Coordinator (PC) of Bhakari program.

  1.  Responsibilities

A. Key responsibilities

Irrigation technician will responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and reporting of water components of BHAKARI project at pocket level. He will work closely with BHAKARI pocket and district staff. More specifically, he will be responsible for following tasks;

  • Conduct feasibility and all necessary surveys and installation of multiple use water systems (MUS), micro irrigation technologies (MIT), water storage technologies, renewable pumping technologies and recharge ponds. Ensure quality of the infrastructures/ technologies. 
  • Provide technical trainings to the users on the construction process of MUS, MIT installation and other technologies promoted by Bhakari program.
  • Organize and facilitate the user groups and support the district team for the sustainable management of MUS including the provision of MUS constitution, repair and maintenance funds and paid care taker etc.
  • Organize and manage user groups related to other infrastructures taken up by Bhakari program.
  • Supervise quality control of MIT, maintain and facilitate the communication with the MIT producers, assemblers and dealers to ensure smooth supply of MIT.
  • Regularly travel throughout the project areas for the construction and supervision of works.

B. Additional Assignment and Responsibilities:

  • Will act as the lead contact between the program and the District authorities
  • Will maintain a good and close working relationship with the Regional NRM team as well as District Coordinator of Bhakari program and Program Manager of the WAC. 
  • Lead on District and Municipal levels facilitation of DRR/NRM activities. 
  • Ensure all communications and visibility requirements of the project/donor are adhered to.
  • To perform assigned responsibilities and program activities in close supervision of Program Coordinator and Program Manager.
  • Assist in other WAC’s programs, if required.
  • WAC Nepal property, equipment, or time should only be used for authorized purposes. Misuse may result in disciplinary action.

Do This


  • Provide report to Program Coordinator
  • Provide written monthly progress reports to Program Manager. It will send to Executive Board of WAC Nepal.

Do This

2. Inspection and surrounding bounds of duties:

  • WAC Nepal will provide best means, materials and pleasant environment to support the accomplishment of your job entity.
  • The attainment achieved by this post will be supervised by the authorized person of implementing partner WAC Nepal.

3. Performance Indicator:

  • Timely execution of the activities assigned for the Bhakari program.
  • Proper implementation and management of budget.

4. Knowledge and Experience:

  •  Previous experience with Irrigation technologies and water technologies.
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to write up and speaking both English and Nepali.

5. Period of Performance and Budget

  • The Technical Supervisor DRR/NRM/ NRM will work over the years.
  • The Technical Supervisor DRR/NRM/ NRM will be paid a salary and other remuneration package as per the rules of WAC-Nepal.

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