JD for GESI Officer (BHAKARI)

Job Description

Name                         : …………………………………………………………………

Designation               : GESI Officer

 Accountability         : Program Coordinator

Location                     : WAC Nepal Office

Program Name         :Bhakari

Duty Station              : Office Base with frequent travel to project area

The GESI Officer will work as part of a program team for WAC Bhakari program and is responsible to conduct and ensure good governance including inclusion approach into program activities with all terms and conditions mentioned in partnership agreement for program “Building Hope Along Karnali River Basin (Bhakari) Program” implementation by WAC Achham. GESI Officer   will work under the supervision of Program Coordinator (PC) of Bhakari Program.

  1.  Responsibilities

A. Key responsibilities

  • Be an active member of project team to achieve the common goals of the project.
  • Work as GESI focal person in overall planning, implementation and reporting of GESI related works in both organization and at the project level

Capacity Development:

  • Enhance capacity of the staff/partners/ target groups in a GESI responsive way.
  • Enhance capacity of the users group/ committee on GESI to increase knowledge in implementing GESI responsive program.
  • Organize sensitization program to the community to disseminate information on GESI responsive services.
  • Ensure GESI sensitivity and topics/course/ training contains in all types of capacity building program.
  • Develop sharing and learning platform on GESI among the staffs and partners.


  • Ensure GESI strategies are implanted in the organization and at project level.
  • Lobby and facilitate the process in group formation, service delivery and other program to ensure women and DAG participation as well as in the decision making positions.
  • Coordinate to mobilize right holder’s organizations and like-minded organizations to lobby and influence to increase voices of women, DAG and poor.
  • Functionalize and standardize the GESI database software to be incorporated in all projects.
  • Maintain GESI database in installed software


  • Prepare GESI related M&E plan
  • Prepare checklists for field monitoring/verification
  • Maintain GESI disaggregated beneficiaries’ database.
  •  Prepare pre-intervention GESI database (baseline)
  •  Conduct case studies (both success & failure)
  •  Carry out monitoring/verification field visits.
  • Track progress of the projects.
  • Prepare monthly/quarterly/annual progress reports of project.
  • Visit programme areas to ensure the stated targets of GESI integrated during the program implementation. .
  • Prepare gender and caste segregated database on the beneficiaries for reporting purpose.
  • Prepare case studies both positive and negative with special focus on lesson le


  • Provide report to Program Coordinator
  • Provide written monthly progress reports to Program Manager. It will send to Executive Board of WAC Nepal.Do This

2. Inspection and surrounding bounds of duties:

  • WAC Nepal will provide best means, materials and pleasant environment to support the accomplishment of your job entity.
  • The attainment achieved by this post will be supervised by the authorized person of implementing partner WAC Nepal.

3. Performance Indicator:

  • Timely execution of the activities assigned for the Bhakari program
  • Proper implementation and management of budget.

4. Academic Qualification Knowledge and Experience:

  • Bachelor degree (Preferably Master degree) in or Sociology or Rural Development or Gender Studies or Economics or Statistics or Management or Environment and 3 years of working experiences in relevant field. Do This
  •  Previous experience with GESI Officer
  • Basic computer skills
  • Ability to write up and speaking both English and Nepali.

5. Period of Performance and Budget

  • The GESI Officer will work over the years.
  • The GESI Officer will be paid a salary and other remuneration packages as per the rule of the organization.

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